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Why Specific-Group?

An environment where you can grow (technically).

Summed up:

Every year we are growing by 25%+, because we understand the surplus value and talents of our employees! (...this only works in combination with great projects and teams)


No more impersonal giant corporation with anonymous developer batteries and no longer a start up. Doesn't sound particularly "attractive" at first glance. But still - we are. We are crazy enough to dare unusual things and still reliable enough so that our employees and customers trust us. We are proud of this team.

01 -

What is important to us

Trust = (self-)responsibility

  • We work flexibly. Whether at customers, in the office or at home. Digitalization is not a buzzword for us. We live it.
  • We don't have 100 guidelines that prevent you from working independently.
  • You tell us what you need to be able to work successfully. We'll make sure you get it.

Passion = problem solving

  • We are proud of our projects and challenges, which we master as a team.
  • Almost all of us have a technical background. We approach our projects pragmatically, each with their own know-how. This is how we master every challenge
  • With us, everyone knows what they are doing and is THE expert in their field. This is important to us, because the roles and requirements in IT are becoming more and more different.

Recognition = team collaboration

  • If you're looking for help, you'll get support, personally. No anonymous answers "out of the box" or a service hotline.
  • Everyone is responsible for their task. Only this gives us the opportunity to be successful in the team.
  • We also take space & time for exciting discussions. This is the only way we learn from each other. And that brings each individual forward.

Stability & long-term orientation = constant growth

  • We have been successful in the IT market for 23 years and have proven how to tackle IT projects in order to be successful. Customers appreciate our pragmatic approach and technical know-how - which is why it rarely stays with only one project!
  • In the same way, we want to work together with our employees: long-term successful and appreciative. We want you to stay
02 -

Who and how many are we?

  • Location Vienna - 107
  • 160 Developer (130 backend / 30 frontend)
  • 40 Business Analysts (all with technical training)
  • 20 DevOps - 30 Tester
  • 40 Project Manager
  • 20 Scrum Master

Locations of development:

  • Lithuania, Belarus, Iran, Poland, Hungary
03 -

Which projects have we realized?

You have probably already seen or used our software:

EBV Motor Vehicle Appraisal Platform

  • 80% of registered cars in Austria have a vignette printed with our software.

Schoolfox / Fox Education Communication Platform

  • 660.000 active teachers/parents/students use the system and save about 15.000.000 A5 paper slips per year
  • The auto-translate function of text messages in 24 languages removes barriers between parents and teachers.

Backoffice of the Fairplane Flight Refund Platform

  • 650.000+ claims for air travel delays settled

Automation Platform for insurance brokers

  • The IGV solution helps with 120.000 insurance policies per year, saving 1,8 million pages of printed forms
  • An important part of the system is the integrated risk analysis through which the insurance Distribution Directive is implemented - completely digital and already 70% of the offers are digitally signed!

Corporate Payment Platform

  • With the platform, major customers of an international bank are directly connected to payment transactions. It regularly handles peaks of 1 million transactions per hour.
  • The largest salary payments are over 1 billion euros per block!
04 -

What can you expect from us?

No fixed specifications, courses, budgets or benchmarks with us. We have brought variety into the customer base: with 115 active customers reaching from snow removal tour planning to complex trade finance systems. You can take on tasks in various projects which fit your own career planning in different functions instead of changing the whole job.

-> This way you can develop hands-on within our team and always have good chances of on long-term and  challenging projects. Additionally, you will also be supported by individually designed training, e.g. from developer to architect.

05 -

Typical jobs in our team

Software Developer (Freelancer/Employee)

We will find projects  for you as a developer in the .Net or Java environment that suit you. As long as you have not "finished learning", you have come to the right place.

Common techstack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Typescript, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes,REST

Project Manager or IT Consultant or Business Analyst (Freelancer/Employee)

Waterfall was yesterday. Or is agile also already a thing of the past? We are looking for bright minds as interface between business and technology who have a technical background and can follow the thoughts/have a say. Presales, technical consulting, analysis or management - there is something for everyone.

➡️Click here for the NO Buzzword role description + salary overview

Hands-on Architect (Freelancer/Employee)

We are looking for architects who not only float in the cloud, but also have experience with the implementation of tricky projects. With us, you are the interface between business, analysis, developers and ops.

Let's discuss the difference between Enterprise/Solution/Technical Architect!

06 -

No CV necessary - let's have a call!

We realize that you don't change your job just because you're having a bad day at the office. Let's just talk on the phone (06641253001) and we'll talk about the current developments in our industry. When you call, you come directly to someone who really has something to say (no office, no HR - promised)

️ Book your personal video call (15min)
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