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    Digitization has many faces. Many companies are concerned with the questions of which processes need to be digitized or which new, digital products and services can be offered.


    Are you ready? Payment traffic is in a state of radical change in Europe and worldwide.


    Two requirements, one solution. This is "Dormy" - our software for paperless student residence management. But why two requirements?


    It's actually music. To put it simply, YOOL is a production planning tool for orchestras. But basically it's much more - it's a whole "online orchestra". And for us it's music.

    DSP – The Digital Services Platform

    T2C - Target 2 Converter



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    After more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting, we have of course seen and learned a lot. Requirements that have come up again and again or solutions that have preoccupied us and never let go. Based on this experience, we have developed our own products. Products that we can use flexibly and individually and that make your life easier.

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    DSP - the digital service platform

    Digitization has many faces. Many companies are concerned with the questions of which processes need to be digitized or which new, digital products and services can be offered.

    Only: where do you start? First and foremost, it's about putting processes in the company on a clean basis. This is exactly where our DSP comes into play. It is THE basis with which you can transfer your traditional, manual processes to the digital world. Outwardly - to your customers and, of course, inwardly - to your employees. Streamline existing processes, increase your efficiency and reduce your operating costs.  

    Our DSP gives you full flexibility. It is multi-tenant, can be operated in your data center or in the cloud. Of course with all core functionalities from "A" like administration of the users to "B" like authorizations up to "Z" like future-proof. It is audit-proof and can also be used for mobile applications. Of course, the application is also adapted to your corporate identity specifications and thus integrated even more easily into the existing IT landscape.

    We provide you with the toolbox and analyze your existing process landscape. Then we will work out the tailor-made solution for your company together. You choose which functionalities you need or what they should look like.

    Take the first step with us. After all, your company is not like any other. And neither do your claims.

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    T2C - Target 2 Converter

    Are you ready? Payment traffic is in a state of radical change in Europe and worldwide. Faster than you think - already in 2022 - all European large-value payment systems will be migrated to an international messaging standard and the most established financial news service provider SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) will join in.

    Even if we are not faced with the challenge of converting our own systems and processes to the new T2 services, we have the know-how to actively support banks in their TARGET2 / T2S consolidation projects.

    With our T2C - Target 2 Converter , we can support you in changing from the old to the new Swift format. Swift will still offer a parallel phase in which the "old" MT standards will apply until the end of 2025. Then SWIFT will stop supporting MT messages 1, 2 (transfers) and 9 (cash management). It doesn't sound too dramatic in the first step, but it has far-reaching consequences. Because if this development is ignored, barrier-free access to the TARGET system can be at risk.  

    With our converter we translate the previous text standards to XML or the MT standards to MX. Sounds technical and it is. But our conversion solution ensures you a quick transition to the new SWIFT system.

    We support you with specialist advice and project management services. Take advantage of our expertise in handling projects in the area of ​​payment transactions. From the conception phase to the support of the production launch.

    We are ready. Be it too!

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    Two requirements, one solution. This is "Dormy" - our software for paperless student residence management. But why two requirements? We wanted to develop a system that would offer maximum benefit to both the dormitory operators and the students. So to speak for suppliers and consumers.  

    Dormy is THE complete software solution for dormitory operators: you can manage your dormitory quickly, intuitively and without "paperwork". Collections, extracts, evaluations, processes - the complete administration via one system and the payment processing is also integrated right away. And can be expanded at any time and of course with a help desk. But there is more. You can also use Dormy as a marketing and communication tool. But more is not possible now. Or?

    But it works. Because the students also benefit from Dormy. With Dormy you can easily compare prices and find the ideal student residence or other accommodation. Dormy is, so to speak, the electronic broker for the dormitories. And quick and intuitive to use.

    One for two! Clever, right? And if you want to know everything about Dormy in detail, then visit them Dormy website.Such a clever system needs its own website, doesn't it? 

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    It's actually music. To put it simply, YOOL is a production planning tool for orchestras. But basically it's much more - it's a whole "online orchestra".

    And for us it's music. Yool was born as the brainchild of an orchestra leader who was tired of doing his daily chores on paper or with malfunctioning systems. Make appointments, hire musicians, monitor production, put concert programs together and coordinate marketing and communication.

    Then he came to us with his ideas and ideas. From over five years of collaboration and research and hundreds of hours of discussion with administrative experts, technicians and more than 500 musicians, YOOL was created as we can now introduce and present it to you.

    Musicians, soloists and conductors are all involved and are always informed about the current status of a project. Detailed questions such as seating arrangements, availability, rehearsal plans or the provision of sheet music are elegantly and easily solved via YOOL. An orchestra management process that is second to none and of which we are rightly proud.

    Such an artistic theme forbids listing technical details here. But if you want to deal with it (we know it), you will find everything about YOOL, including the technical solutions, at: Your Orchestra Online.

    YOOL. Your Orchestra Online. And actually it's music.