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    About us

    About us

    We Know How

    That’s a bold claim indeed. And you might ask why we feel entitled to make it. After 20 years in IT consulting, we’re certain that we know our profession inside and out. And that’s IT solutions for your company. Nothing more and nothing less. We’ll work with you to develop the solutions you need to take your business into the digital future. Solutions that are tailored to you.

    Who we are:

    Armed with a vision, we launched our business in 1998 in Vienna. And this vision quickly made an impact on the market. Our first customers, experience and taste of success soon followed – as did a few setbacks. But we stayed the course. Today, with a 350-strong team and offices in eight cities in six countries, we are a leader in software development. And sometimes we can’t quite believe it ourselves.

    We take pride in continuing to be an owner-managed business. That means we can be quick and agile on the market, while also having the freedom to develop and grow. You won’t find anonymous developers slaving over code here (as our CEO of Operations Andreas Muzik puts it). But our start-up days are also long behind us. We have set ourselves the goal of intelligent and sustainable growth, with a sense of proportion and business expertise.

    We accommodate clients across all sectors: from banks and insurance providers to big corporate groups and traditional SMEs. We put equal effort into achieving the best for all our customers, no matter who they are. Want to see some of our clients?

    Just have a look!

    How we work:

    We believe people are what makes a company. We know what we can do. And what we can’t. All of us, whether we’re consultants, project managers, software developers, business analysts, testers or UI/UX designers, are experts in our own right, each with our own strengths and abilities. So we learn more and more every day. We are open, approachable and dedicated. And that’s exactly what makes us who we are: bold, passionate, and with solid experience and expertise.

    And we’re flexible. We ensure that our staff work as a team for you, no matter where they are. For this reason alone, we’re virtually a fully digital company. It’s our everyday reality and it should be visible to you, our customer – in our products, service and consulting.

    What we can do:

    Obviously we can do just about anything. But the first thing we ask ourselves is: what do you really need? And what can you do without? That means we work with you to analyse your needs and systems, so that we can develop a tailormade solution for your business – which should solve all the issues you have and be easy to implement.

    That requires creativity, innovative tools, and sometimes the courage to forge our own path. For you, the main thing is that systems work. And if they’re fun to use, then we’ve done a good job.

    That’s why we’ve developed our own model for software development and project management.

    Curious? Click here to see what we can really do for you.

    Franz Zahn
    Managing Director
    Our Locations
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    Specific-Group Germany

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    Leopoldstraße 180

    80804 Munich


    Rheindorfer Strasse 3

    40764 Langenfeld

    Altstadt 334

    84028 Landshut

    02 -
    Specific-Group Austria
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    Hoher Markt 5
    1010 Wien

    03 -
    Specific-Group USA

    1111 Park Centre Blvd, Suite 200
    33169 Miami



    1001 4th Avenue 
    98154 Seattle

    04 -
    Specific-Group Slovakia

    Galványho 7/D

    821 04 Bratislava

    05 -
    Specific-Group Hungary

    Liliom utca 84-86

    2013 Pomaz

    06 -
    Specific-Group Lithuania

    Vilniaus 31, Vilnius,

    LT-01402, Lithuania 

    07 -
    Specific-Group Poland

    Józefa Sarego 22/3
    31-047 Krakow


    08 -
    Specific-Group Spain

    Carrer de l'Historiador Diago 3

    46007 Valencia