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Why partnerships?


Generally, when it comes to software, we plan, develop and design everything ourselves. That’s our promise and we aim to deliver on that every day. But we’re well aware that there are providers on the market that offer highly sophisticated systems. Our partners have proven themselves to us with their exceptional products and services. And that’s not easy. We only decide to partner up when we realise that we can’t do something better ourselves. Because we want you to be satisfied. That’s our promise and our partners are committed to your satisfaction too.

Our Partners
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Mambu is one of the leading global providers for the development of financial products and services. One of the founders describes his SaaS platform as a mix between an accounting and CRM system and a bank engine. But we think they’re just being modest. This cloud-native solution allows banks, FinTechs and businesses such as telecommunications providers to develop fast, secure and innovative banking and credit solutions that are scalable and agile.

Essentially, Mambu offers the opposite of traditional core banking systems. The cloud-native solution is based on the approach of ‘composable banking’, a process that allows financial services to be flexibly coordinated from separate stand-alone systems. The API-based architecture makes it possible to quickly combine fragmented components, transforming them into a holistic system. Almost like modules.

And these ‘modules’ are enormous: Financial institutions of all sizes provide 6,000 credit and investment products for accounts, credit and loans, and other financial services via third-party providers which are integrated in the cloud-native platform.

The FinTech was established in 2011, initially to make modern financial services accessible for micro financial institutions in Latin America and Africa. But it quickly grew, and today Mambu boasts banking clients such as ABN Amro, Santander, N26 and OakNorth, as well as rapidly growing FinTechs and Telcos like Globe Telecom. The banking platform reaches almost 20 million end customers in 60 countries.

These impressive figures are also reflected in the number of employees at Mambu: it now has a 400-strong workforce in seven locations worldwide (Berlin, Amsterdam, Iași, Miami, Singapore, Vilnius and London). We’re delighted to partner with Mambu. You’ll find all you need to know about our partner at  https://www.mambu.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/mambucloud/

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Fox Education

You’ve heard it before. You ask “How was school or preschool?”, and the reply is usually an indifferent “It was OK.” Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we always knew what was happening in our school, childcare or preschool environments? Fox Education has the answer: a digital solution where pupils, parents, teachers and childcare practitioners can connect quickly and easily whenever they need to. Send texts, images and documents, manage absences, exchange emergency contacts or coordinate projects and events – with its SchoolFox and KidsFox apps for smartphone or computer, Fox Education has everything covered.

The apps are quick to download, easy to use, and can do a whole lot: group messaging, digital confirmation, translation, lists, emergency contact details, parent teacher meetings, appointment management, automated reminders and much more. SchoolFox and KidsFox process your data in compliance with GDPR in certified data centres across the European Union.

And especially during the coronavirus pandemic, with so much discussion about classroom learning or home schooling, the video chat function offered by SchoolFox allows you to create virtual, digital classrooms for up to 100 pupils. It’s easy to stay in touch with your class or fellow teachers. The SchoolFox and KidsFox software has been designed and developed in close cooperation with childcare practitioners, teachers, school principals and families. SchoolFox is one of the most popular school apps and boasts hundreds of thousands of users across 5,000 schools in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

SchoolFox and KidsFox – keep up with what’s going on! Click here for the  Fox Education website

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We have already talked about IBM i or AS/400 in detail elsewhere. We are the specialists for code maintenance or modernisation, application takeover, development and servicing.

But we specialists also use a couple of tools to help us to modernise your AS/400 even faster in line with your unique desires and needs. And that’s why we turn to FRESCHE.

Fresche is the leading provider of automated tools to simplify application modernisation solutions for IBM i. These tools help us work with you to achieve your IT goals even faster, whether it’s modules that speed up the familiarisation process with your system, transforming green screens into a modern web interface, or automated test procedures.

We love Fresche’s solutions. They allow us to give you faster and more cost-effective support for your IBM i applications and data. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. As IBM i specialists we know that. And you can count on us. Want to know more about FRESCHE?

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IT-Power Services

Are you thinking about outsourcing your IT? How, to what extent and with whom? Obviously with our partner IT Power-Services. Together with IT-PS, we support different outsourcing models adapted to your specific requirements. Together with IT-PS, we operate your IBM i systems 24x7 in certified, redundantly equipped data centers. At the same time, our requirements in terms of regulations, security, availability and performance are more than fulfilled.

IT Power Services is the leading expert for IBM Power Servers with external storage and in particular for IBM i infrastructure. Our customers benefit from many years of experience in dealing with complex IT environments and projects of IT-PS.

And of course, so do we.