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You are a Senior Engineer? Then we have a match!

A senior environment where you can grow technically.

2 clicks to the technical description!


32.000 € -  52.000 € p.a.

Senior IT
90% Seniors Colleagues
IT Market
24 years experience

on the European IT Market

working time it
Contract Flexibility

Freelance / Employed


95% or 100% remote

Group 49
12 international

engineering departments

IT Office
Central office Valencia

with calm working spaces

Group 1178
Modern stack & IT  projects

Azure & AWS Cloudsetup


You will grow with our senior teams and work on state-of-the-art cloud projects.

We are not an impersonal coporate with anonymous developer batteries neither a start up with small projects: We have the right size of company to work efficiently.

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From which area would you like to know more? (Freelancer/Employee)

.Net Developer

Senior Java Developer

Data Engineer
start: 2023

Coming soon

Coming soon

Carrer IT No Buzzword

In the first meeting
 we talk openly about

(max. 15min.)

Gerne via Telefon (06641253001) oder den
Videocall link - siehe unten

  • Transparent salary structure
  • Team setting + development opportunities for seniors

  • What´s unique @ specific group

  • Honest feedback within 3 days

Callback or video call, go directly to the calendar here!

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Our hiring process


No CV  necessary! 

Let's talk about your development and our project teams!

Andreas Muzik

COO Specific-Group


No CV  necessary! 

Let's talk about your development and our project teams!

Andreas Muzik

COO Specific-Group


No CV necessary!

Let's talk about your development and our project teams!

Andreas Muzik

COO Specific-Group


No CV necessary!

Let's talk about your development and our project teams!

Andreas Muzik

COO Specific-Group

Your new workplace looks like this 

espacio de trabajo. Wayco Abastos (1)-1

Who are we and how many?

Locations of Development
Valencia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Austria

225 Developer
170 Backend /
55 Fullstack

Vector (5)

50 technical requirement engineers
All with technical education 

Vector (6)

30 DevOps
35 Auto Tester

Vector (7)

40 technical project

minimum 6 years experience

Group 102

20 scrum

with engineering background

Which projects we have realized?

You have probably already seen or used our software!

New development of Car Mobility Plattform

This redefines affordable mobility and introduces "Car as a Service". The future of mobility is here with an all-in-one platform that offers a diverse range of cars for minutes or months. Convertible in summer, electric SUV in winter.

EBV Motor Vehicle Appraisal Platform 

90 % of registered cars in Austria have a vignette printed with our software.

Schoolfox / Fox Education Communication Plattform 

1,300,000 active teachers/parents/students use this system. The auto-translate-function for text messages in 24 languages dissolves barrier between parents and teachers. Special feature: cloude storage + video chat. The former startup was bought by Unicorn “Gostudent”.  

Backoffice of the Fairplane Flight Refund Platform

650.000+ claims for air travel delays settled.

Corporate Payment Platform

With the platform, major customers of an international bank are directly connected to payment transactions. It regularly handles peaks of 1 million transactions per hour.  The largest salary payments are over 1 billion euros per block!

Book your personal video call (15 min)

Wer sind wir eigentlich und wie viele?

Litauen, Polen, Ungarn, Belarus, Slowakei

225 Developer
170 Backend / 55 Frontend

Vector (6)

30 DevOps
35 Tester

Group 102

20 Scrum

Vector (5)

50 Business Analysts All with technical education 

Vector (7)

40 Project

Welche Projekte haben wir realisiert?

Du hast sicher schon unsere Software benutzt!

Neuentwicklung Car Mobility Plattform

Damit wird leistbare Mobilität neu definiert und "Auto as a Service" eingeführt. Die Zukunft der Mobilität ist eine all in one Plattform, die verschiedenste Autos von Minuten bis Monaten anbietet. Im Sommer Cabrio im Winter Elektro SUV.

KfZ Begutachtungsplattform
- "Pickerl"

ca.90% der zugelassen Autos in Österreich haben ein Pickerl, das mit unserer SW erstellt wurde

Schoolfox / Fox Education Kommunikationsplattform

1.300.000 aktive Lehrer/Eltern/Schüler nutzen das System Mit der Auto-Translate-Funktion von Textnachrichten in 24 Sprachen werden Barrieren zwischen Eltern und Lehrern aufgelöst. Featurefunktionen für die User: Cloudspeicher + Videochatfunktion. Das ehemalige Startup wurde von dem Unicorn "GoStudent" gekauft.

Backoffice der Fairplane Flug-Rückerstattungsplattform

Über 650.000 Ansprüche für Verspätungen bei Flugreisen abgewickelt


Mit der Plattform werden Großkunden einer internationalen Bank direkt an den Zahlungsverkehr angebunden. Sie handled regelmäßig Peaks von 1Mio Transaktionen pro Stunde. Die größten Gehaltszahlungen liegen pro Block über €1Mrd!

Buche deinen Kennelern-Call (15 min)

Frequrently asked questions from senior engineers in the first call?

6 reasons for senior dev's to not apply at specific-group.



  • Waiting weeks for a virtual machine is you favorite activity
  • You want to work 5 years in the same project
  • When you don`t have a "babysitter" you start playing solitair
  • Your goal is to become a professional Power Point designer
  • Waterfall or Agile it doesnt mather for you
  • Asking for help if you are stuck on a problem hurts your pride






How did we recruit over 90 seniors in the last 24 months?

How did we recruit over 90 seniors in the last 24 months?

We are world champions in matchmaking.

That's why the 4 most important factors match you:

- Salary
- Team
- Stack
- Project

Do you disagree? Drop us a line about you most important job factors at Julian.voboril@specific-group.com

4 things - Why we might not have a match

4 things - Why we might not have a match

  1. You don't want to make a technical career.

  2. You're not annoyed when you have to wait two weeks for a virtual machine.
  3. You're not in a position to say when you don't understand or can't do something yet.

    (No problem!  Because we learn every day and want to grow with our tasks).

  4. You would rather work on a project for 10 years than take on new challenges every two years.
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