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Why Specific-Group?

An environment where you can grow (technically).

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Summed up

Every year we are growing by 25%+ because we understand the surplus value and talents of our employees! This only works in combination with cool projects and great expert teams.

No more impersonal giant companies with anonymous developer batteries and no longer a start up: Our expert teams is growing each year. That is the reason why we get the contract for the best projects. 

01 -

Who are we and how many?

  • Group: 350
  • 180 Developer (140 backend / 40 frontend)
  • 50 Business Analysts (all with technical training)
  • 20 DevOps - 30 Tester
  • 40 Project Manager
  • 20 Scrum Master

Locations of development
Lithuania, Belarus, Iran, Poland, Hungary

02 -

Which projects we have realized?

You have probably already seen or used our software:

EBV Motor Vehicle Appraisal Platform

  • 90 % of registered cars in Austria have a vignette printed with our software.

Schoolfox / Fox Education Communication Platform

  • 300.000 active teachers/parents/students use this system. The auto-translate-function for text messages in 24 languages dissolves barrier between parents and teachers. Special feature: Cloude storage + videochat. The former start-up was bought by Unicorn “Gostudent”.

Backoffice of the Fairplane Flight Refund Platform

  • 650.000+ claims for air travel delays settled.

Automation Platform for insurance brokers

  • The real tariff costs are calculated immediately with Risk Rule Engine. With the portal, insurance can be taken out digitally. This saves 4 million pages of printed forms.

Corporate Payment Platform

  • With the platform, major customers of an international bank are directly connected to payment transactions. It regularly handles peaks of 1 million transactions per hour. -> The largest salary payments are over 1 billion euros per block!
03 -

What you can expect from us?

No fixed specifications, courses, budgets or benchmarks. We have brought variety into the customer base: with 115 active customers reaching from snow removal tour planning to complex trade finance systems. You can take on tasks in various projects and different functions according to your own career planning - instead of changing the whole job.

➡️ In this way you can develop hands-on within our team and always have good chances of on long-term and challenging projects. Additionally, you will also be supported by individually designed training, e.g. from developer to architect.

04 -

Typical jobs in our team

Java Software Developer (Freelancer/Employee)

We always find the perfect .Net or Java projects for our developers. As long as you’re a keen learner, we’ll be the right fit for you.

Common tech stack: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Typescript, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, REST

➡️ click here to view the no buzzword job description for Java Developer


Testing Engineer  (Freelancer/Employee)

  • Middle or Senior Level
  • Auto or Manual

Currently, we’re developing a new microservices-based platform to enable new business processes, integrate with 3rd party banking systems and services.

➡️ click here to view Testing Engineer for a microservices platform job description


Cloud Data Engineer (Freelancer/Employee)

Build cloud-based data warehouses of the next generation with Data Vault.

Data Stack: CI/CD with Jenkins, Snowflake, Kafka, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Azure Stack (ML, AKS, Data Factory, PowerBI)

➡️ click here for the no buzzword job description

05 -

No CV necessary for the first Session - let's have a call!

When you call, you come directly to someone who really has something to say (no office, no HR - promised).

In the first meeting (max. 15 minutes) we talk about the following topics:

• Detailed no buzzword role description
• Transparent salary structure
• Honest feedback in 3 days whether we have a match - instead of "Let's see"
• Team structure overview
• What's uniqe @ specific group?

Book your personal video call (15min)
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